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Backup, Restore and Full Disaster Recovery for Apple Computers.

On-Site and Remote.

Fully Compatible With Apple’s Time Machine and All Current Macintosh Computers.


About Boston Iron

Boston Iron is an entirely new type of Virtual Recovery platform that eliminates data loss, keeps applications up and running, and makes sure that IT infrastructures can get back online quickly. Designed for today’s always-on business, Boston Iron replaces legacy backup, business continuity, and disaster recovery software and hardware, and reduces the amount of expensive copy data in an organization by as much as 80%. By mirroring your entire business in our Iron Vault, Boston Iron makes it simple to access and restore data from any device, failover IT systems, and virtualize your entire office with a click – all from a single de-duplicated copy. Boston Iron maximizes productivity, reduces cost, and helps eliminate risk.

Time Machine Compatible

  • Multi-Generation with Weekly Integrity Checks
  • On-Site and Multiple Off-Site Copies
  • Restore Files, or an Entire Machine


  • Up to 10 Machines in Local Recovery Mode
  • 10 to 10,000 Machines in Remote Recovery Mode*
  • Use iPads or Apple Remote Desktop to Connect
  • iPad Kits Available for Quick Recovery
  • Accessible From Anywhere


  • Encrypted at Rest and In-Flight
  • Designed for FIPS, ITIL, SOX, PCI, and HIPAA Compliance
  • Backup and Recovery Reporting

Business Backup and Recovery Survey


Had a major IT failure in the past two years


Reported that using multiple backup and recovery tools creates challenges


Do not use remote recovery

Remote backup and virtual recovery users recover faster from failures

than those with traditional solutions.

Read more about the survey here.

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Core Business BDR Issues

Backup and Disaster Recovery

Backup is Critical,

But Incomplete For Most SMBs

  • Unscheduled downtime has significant business implications
  • 71% back up both data and applications
  • Only 24% back up all data and all applications
  • Only 27% of small companies back up all applications compared to 48% of mid-sized companies
  • Only 43% back up laptops and desktops
  • 96% of Apple computers don’t have off-site backups


Disasters do happen,

and IT is held responsible

for recovery failures

  • 79% have had a major IT failure in the past two years
  • Only 8% could recover from a major IT failure within a hour
  • Only 7% were very confident that they could recover operations within 2 hours
  • 96% say IT staff can be held personally responsible for recovery problems
  • 69% report mid-level IT staff would be held responsible if there were a major recovery problem
  • Only 14% of IT executives would blame admins for lost data, but 57% of admins think they would be held responsible
  • 51% say someone could lose their job if critical data could not be recovered

Fragmented Backup Tools

Cause Significant Problems

  • 90% of SMBs have multiple backup and recovery tools
  • 61% have backup and recovery tools with duplicate functionality
  • 91% report using multiple backup and recovery tools creates challenges
  • 71% report using multiple backup and recovery tools can increase risk

Remote Recovery Very Desirable.

  • 38% use cloud-based backup and recovery
  • 89% see value in cloud-based disaster recovery
  • Cloud backup and recovery users recover faster from failures than those with traditional solutions
  • 79% of those with a non-cloud secondary disaster recovery site would make a change if they had resources
  • Security is an issue, so Boston Iron uses its own Iron Vaults hosted at its own data center

SMBs are backing up

more than just data

  • SMBs report that the scope of their backup is more than just data.
  • The number of companies who back up both data and applications is 71%
  • 29% of companies only back up data
  • Medium-sized companies were most likely to back up both data and applications (74%) than smaller companies (68%),

Few SMBs Could Recover From

a Major IT Failure Within an Hour

IT professionals were asked how long it would take for them to fully recover business operations after a major IT failure. The widely varying range of answers provided reflected the varying approaches to backup and recovery among these companies. Very few, 8%, could recover in under one hour, while almost a quarter (23%) said it would take more than one day to fully recover from a major it failure.

Companies Need More Than a Backup

Every business faces network failure and downtime at one point or another. The more downtime a company experiences, the more money and time lost, and the more damage done to the business’ reputation. A study by DTI/PwC showed that 7 out of 10 small firms that experience a major data loss go out of business within a year. Businesses today need to think about data backup and disaster recovery solutions as part of a larger business continuity plan that carries out the three core functions of business continuity: maintaining service, maintaining consistency, and recoverability. Boston Iron is providing the benefit of business continuity solutions through our integration partners. These systems ensure that when servers go down, data, systems and applications stay up. Business continuity technology can ensure that businesses avoid the loss associated with downtime, but businesses must have the right solution in place before a network failure occurs in order to avoid that loss.

Maintaining Service

A good business continuity solution must allow a business to continue to offer all of the everyday services it usually provides to its customers.

Maintaining Consistency

All of a business’ solutions and services must remain consistent, especially when it comes to timeliness in delivering services to clients.


A business must be able to recover data and restore a network in a timely manner.
The difference between just minutes of downtime and days of downtime could impact your bottom line by tens of thousands of dollars.
Average loss to North American businesses per year due to IT downtime and data loss. $159k

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Enterprise Disaster Recovery

Enterprise Disaster Recovery

Our Enterprise Disaster Recovery systems provide full coverage for Apple MacIntosh computers running OS X 10.5 or newer. It provides a local backup target for Apple’s Time Machine backup utility, pushes archives off-site to one or more data centers and allows local and remote Disaster Recovery spin-ups of any of the Macs during a failure.

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Time Machine Backup and Recovery

Time Machine Backup and Recovery

Why use Time Machine? It provides us a foundation by creating incremental backups of files that can be restored at a later date. It allows your user community to restore the whole system or specific files from the Recovery HD or the OS X Install DVD. It further works within iWork, iLife, and several other compatible programs, making it possible to restore individual objects (e.g. photos, contacts, calendar events) without leaving the application.

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